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Tried & Tested

A tried and tested workout system designed to produce sustainable results.

So how do we achieve those results for you? We focus on improving your strength and fitness performance from day 1 moving forward. Once you become engaged with improving your strength and fitness your results will follow. Our promise is to keep you fully accountable every step of your journey with FIX EXECUTE. Get a great sense of achievement for beating your personal best scores. Will keep you on your toes as our workouts always stay fresh, enjoyable and challenging. 

Fit Woman


Our HIIT training will get you super fit plus burn any unwanted body fat. With constant fresh routines to keep you body guessing every time. Really put your heart rate to the test with our action packed workouts that will have you walking out of class feeling super empowered.

Exercises with Dumbbells


Strength training is one of the key foundation building blocks to boosting your health gains. learn to use correct form for weight training not just that but also perfect skills of using correct form using dumbells, barbells and kettlebells plus more.

Squat Workout


Kill two birds with one stone combining both strength and Cardio. Which will surely get your brain releasing dopamine so you get that rush of good feelings through your mind and body, whilst at the same time giving you the opportunity to burn maximum calories. 


Burn up to 500 cals per session 

Be pushed passed your comfort zone by our elite trainers 

We got that music motivation to keep you on your toes every session

We leave no rocks unturned every muscle in your body will be given attention

Take on your journey with like minded individuals working towards the same goals as you

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