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Empty Gym

We have 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Solely focusing on every aspect from the first step a member steps foot into the gym.

Any new gym launch is vital things get done correctly from day one, to ensure the foundation is set right. We provide members with inductions, personal training and classes. Standard gym etiquette is crucial from re-racking your weights, to correctly hanging your yoga mat and cleaning your machinery after use to protect others members making sure all gym areas have the correct signage of rules to follow. Which our fully fledged gym starter contract executes perfectly.


Our bespoke gym management package provides your residence with a great first impression. When you have just moved into your lovely brand new apartment and your excited about checking out all the amenities on offer it’s absolutely crucial your residence get the best first impression. A clean tidy gym with someone to show them around, make them feel at home. You can bet our team of professionals will exceed your residents expectations.





First and foremost our team of professional trainers will carry out a full health assessment for your residents, making sure their health safety comes first before embarking into any type of training regime.

Followed by an induction to give your residents full confidence in starting training from day one. To make residence life even easier we provide bespoke personal training for those that want that extra attention. Although the gym provides you with all the tools to get fit, some of us just prefer classes as we feel more motivated in this type of atmosphere. We can provide your site with day to day management or partial management or even monthly open days.


The gym can be an absolute amazing place to build a community with our community gym events. Your residence will warm to their new surroundings and fellow apartment neighbours ever so surely so they really feel at home.

Fitness Equipments
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